Interface Raises the Curtain on Its Carpets' Impacts

Interface Raises the Curtain on Its Carpets' Impacts

InterfaceFLOR has released Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for three of its modular carpet tile lines, sharing the details of the lifecycle impacts of those products as it moves toward what it's calling "full product transparency."

The company is now the first carpet maker in Europe to complete EPDs, having already been the first carpet maker in North America to complete an EPD early last year.

The goal of EPD is to provide information on what is in products and what their impacts are, based on information taken from a lifecycle assessment (LCA). InterfaceFLOR currently conducts an LCA on each of its carpet tile products, and plans to have EPDs for all products by the end of 2012.

InterfaceFLOR's EPDs cover the Scandinavian Collection, Straightforward and Elevation II products from its Flatworks range, and show that the majority of environmental impacts come from the sourcing, extraction and transformation of raw materials before they make their way to InterfaceFLOR's factories.

The EPD lists all of the materials in each product, noting where they came from, if they contain recycled content, how available they are and if they are renewable resources. It also gives information on product manufacturing, transportation, installation, packaging and end of life options. The environmental impacts the EPDs look at include global warming potential, waste creation, smog, acidification and ozone depletion.

InterfaceFLOR uses an LCA methodology developed by GUT, an industry partnership, and the LCA and EPDs are third-party verified by the Institute for the Built Environment.