Cisco's New Control Tool Can Manage Entire Building Portfolio

Cisco's New Control Tool Can Manage Entire Building Portfolio

Networking powerhouse Cisco announced major product updates this week that extend the reach and scope of solutions offered by the company's Smart Connected Buildings initiative.

The firm took the wraps off the new Cisco Network Building Mediator Manager 6300, which enables centralized management of Smart Connected Buildings across global enterprise operations.

In effect, the Mediator Manager 6300 is the Cisco Building Mediator on steroids.

The Building Mediator connects a structure's HVAC, lighting, security and other building systems that use energy to Cisco's EnergyWise platform. The Mediator Manager 6300 enables the management of those systems across a company's entire facilities portfolio.

Introduced last July, the Mediator was the first solution presented by the Smart Connected Buildings initiative. The Mediator Manager 6300 was unveiled at the company's annual Cisco Live! education and training conference.

The firm also announced its Cisco Network Building Mediator 3.1, which provides a platform for linking multiple, disparate building automation systems and protocols over Internet Protoco. Cisco says its platform enables greater integration and visibility of energy flows across real estate and information technology.

Bolstering the company's Connect Grid Portfolio, which was launched in spring, is technology that enables households to manage their energy use and resulting cost and carbon savings. The Cisco Home Energy Management Solution with its Home Energy Controller were rolled out at the conference for consumers, as were Energy Management Services for utilities.

Smart building image courtesy of Cisco.