IBM Applies a BigFix Solution to PC, Data Center Management

IBM Applies a BigFix Solution to PC, Data Center Management

IBM this month announced that it has purchased BigFix, a PC power- and security management firm, to help companies keep track of wide-ranging and globally distributed computer fleets.

The acquisition of BigFix is intended to bring a new level of computer management capabilities to IBM's portfolio of enterprise IT services. While we have previously reported on the power-management capabilities of BigFix, the software can also manage updates, security patches and other corporate IT policies quickly across hundreds of thousands of computers.

"BigFix automates some of the most time-intensive IT tasks across the most complex global networks, helping save organizations significant amounts of time, labor, and expense," Al Zollar, general manager of IBM Tivoli software, said in a statement. "BigFix's real-time visibility and control for globally distributed computing devices will complement IBM's existing smarter data center offerings and strengthen our ability to build security into the fabric of the enterprise."

In addition to bringing enterprise-scale PC management capabilities, IBM plans to integrate BigFix into data center management, including optimizing servers, storage, security and network systems.

The bundling of energy efficiency tools with other IT compliance and optimization tools has been in the news recently, including our coverage of Promisec's security-plus-efficiency software.