FirstCarbon to Help Plastic Food Tray Maker Track Supply Chain Emissions

FirstCarbon to Help Plastic Food Tray Maker Track Supply Chain Emissions

A company that makes billions of frozen food trays every year has tapped FirstCarbon's ghgTrack software to help it measure and manage its carbon footprint.

Associated Packaging Technologies
(APT) will also use the software to track and reduce emissions generated by its global supply chain. The company bills itself as the world's top producer of Crystallized Polyethylene Terephthalate (CPET) dual-ovenable plastic containers, with 2.5 billion produced annually.

APT has established a greenhouse gas baseline and plans to use the software to help it report emissions to the Carbon Disclosure Project.

"APT maintains a very strong legacy as a sustainable company and we consider effective supply chain GHG emissions reporting and reduction critical to our growth," Tony Gallo, APT's senior director of sustainability and applications development, said in a statement. "FirstCarbon Solutions combines the software tools and expertise to aid us in managing sustainability data, making calculating, reporting and reducing GHG emissions across the supply chain much more manageable."

The company, a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, partnered with ConAgra Foods in recent years to increase the amount of recycled PET in frozen food trays. The pair received recognition in the 21st annual DuPont Award for Packaging Innovation for their work developing Healthy Choice frozen food trays with 40 percent recycled PET material.

The company also won an environmental stewardship award from the Plastics Environmental Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers.

Packaging giant Sonoco recently announced it had acquired APT for $120 million, calling the company a pioneer in the development of recycled PET frozen food trays.

APT operates four manufacturing facilities in Canada, Missouri, North Carolina and Ireland, employing more than 400 workers.

FirstCarbon isn't the only carbon management software to score new clients. In the past few months, Hara and ENXSuite (formerly Carbonetworks) added the cities of Las Vegas and Chicago to their lists of customers.