Samsung Invests $865M in Greener Products, Manufacturing

Samsung Invests $865M in Greener Products, Manufacturing

Image CC licensed by Flickr user sushi♥ina

Samsung spent $865 million last year developing greener products and making its manufacturing sites more efficient as part of a multi-pronged efforts to become one of the most environmentally friendly companies in the world.

The South Korean company committed to a slew of environmental goals last year with the launch of its PlanetFirst initiative. Among the targets: a 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, normalized by sales and measured against a 2008 baseline; improving the energy efficiency of Samsung products by more than 40 percent; and investing $4.28 billion in its eco-management programs.

One year in, Samsung said its new products are now 16 percent more energy efficient when compared to 2008 levels. Several products are helping drive the efficiency gains, such as LED TVs that consume less energy and standby power, in addition to its F2380 Monitor uses 24 percent less energy annually, with 19 percent fewer materials.

As of the first six months of the year, its greenhouse gas emissions, when measured against sales, declined 31 percent -- more than halfway to its 2013 goal of halving ghg intensity. A third-party will verify Samsung's emissions inventory for 39 manufacturing sites.

In April, Samsung registered as an e-Steward Enterprise, following its collection of 240,000 used electronics products in 2009.

In a move reminiscent of other notable companies, including Walmart, Procter and Gamble, Pacific Gas and Electric Co., and IBM, Samsung will perform a greenhouse gas inventory using information from all of its South Korea suppliers this year. By 2013, the effort will expand to Samsung's 4,000 global suppliers with the overarching plan of developing a supply chain-wide carbon management system.

Image CC licensed by Flickr user sushi♥ina.