PwrSmart Puts PC Power Management in the Cloud

PwrSmart Puts PC Power Management in the Cloud

PC power management tools are a dime a dozen. The market is already crowded with solutions, including 1E, Verdiem, BigFix, Promisec, Granola, and any of a heaping handful of others. Of course, power management tools can save significantly more than small change, and they remain one of the most immediately successful green business strategies -- and one of the least adopted. So there is always room for another entrant into the market.

A new service from New Boundary Technologies differentiates itself by putting the cloud to work on PC power management.

New Boundary's PwrSmart service offers much of the same functionality as other tools, and promises to save $70 per computer per year -- another comparable figure to other power management solutions -- but management of an organization's PC fleet comes through a remote dashboard accessed through a Microsoft Silverlight plugin.

Using the web, IT admins can create and assign policies for computers' downtime, generate reports and set assumptions on energy and cost savings.

A press release announcing the release of PwrSmart laid out its features as follows:

  • Interactive interface provides real-time PC energy savings; user dashboard is accessible from any web browser with a Silverlight plug-in.
  • Built-in energy auditing capability enables quick energy savings insight, ongoing optimization of energy usage and comprehensive reporting for energy rebate and sustainability programs.
  • Analysis engine presents data in visually appealing graphs and charts, with the ability to click and drill-down for additional energy/cost savings details.
  • Patented technology automatically applies power management settings without manual intervention and enforces settings even if end-users try to disable or change them.
  • Web-based service delivers real-time updates with the latest features and enhancements without the hassle of traditional software upgrades.

New Boundary is also offering a fully functioning, free 30-day trial of the software, available at

For more background on PC power management, read "10 Things to Know About PC Power Management," which walks through the basics of gathering the low-hanging fruit of energy efficiency in your PC fleets.