Oki Data Cuts Carbon Footprint 17 Percent at UK Facility

Oki Data Cuts Carbon Footprint 17 Percent at UK Facility

A blend of efforts targeting its lighting, air conditioning and servers helped Oki Data's European manufacturing facility trim greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent in 2009, relative to 2007 levels.

That amounts to 315 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, or roughly 600,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity saved.

The Japanese printer maker moved into the U.K. facility in 2005, giving the company an opportunity to transform its environmental performance, Oki's president said.

"The key area for reducing environmental impact was electricity: The new facility uses 2.8 million fewer kWh annually than the previous facility," Harushige Sugimoto said in a statement Tuesday. "I am pleased with the efforts at the new facility, and the facility has continued to work to achieve further cuts in electricity usage in various ways, including shortened operating hours, enhanced efficiency, and optimized lighting and air-conditioning."

Oki Data reduced the facility's lighting requirements by 25 percent by subdividing the lighting into zones between the production and warehouse areas. This enabled the company to shut off lighting in certain zones when not in use. Oki also put in master switches so users could shut off lights and air conditioning units at one time.

The company further saved electricity by slowing fan speeds in air conditioning units and using devices in its refrigerators that modify temperatures according to food temperatures, rather than air temperatures. Oki Data also halved the number of servers it uses by integrating its server functions.

Oki Data plans to reduce overall emissions 6 percent by fiscal year 2012, relative to its 2007 baseline. The company is owned by Oki Electric Industry Co. Ltd., which bills itself as Japan's first telecommunications manufacturer.