NetApp, As You Sow and More Lauded for Product Stewardship

NetApp, As You Sow and More Lauded for Product Stewardship

ChicoBag - CC license by Flickr user Kevin Krejci

A data storage company that takes backs and recycles its customers' old products and a reusable bag maker are among the winners of the latest California Stewardship Arrow Awards from the California Product Stewardship Council.

The awards go to businesses and groups in California that take action to integrate producer responsibility, the concept that companies should be responsible for what happen to their products when they are disposed of and take action to minimize end-of-life impacts.

The Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce received the Golden Arrow Award for overall excellence in product stewardship for its Green Team San Joaquin, which is made up of businesses, government representatives, economic development professionals, educators, students and community members. The team has started a number of projects and activities like the Recycling Energy Air Conservation Team, which helps connect businesses that are trying to reduce waste and divert materials to be reused or recycled; an annual Recycling Exposition, which promotes sustainable practices and product stewardship; and recruiting businesses like a wine bottle washing and reuse plant for the county's Recycling Market Development Zone.

ChicoBag, a maker of reusable shopping bags created with recycled PET plastic, won the Green Arrow Award for system and design innovations. The company's bags are made compact and fit into small pouches. ChicoBag also takes back its own bags as well as competitors' bags, and turns them into rugs, coasters and other products.

As You Sow Foundation took the Bow & Arrow Award for coalition building for its shareholders efforts to push big companies to make recycling commitments. Through shareholder influence, As You Sow was able to get Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Nestle Waters to commit to recycling a majority of their post-consumer containers over the next six year, and shareholders have also presses for more recycled content in packaging and reduced energy use.

Data storage and management company NetApp was given the Infinity Award for service and take-back because of its product take-back program that has kept 99 percent of the company's products out of landfills over the past five years. NetApp will pick up old products and packaging from customers, and works with AER Worldwide, which handles all of the product disassembly, processing and recycling.

ChicoBag - CC license by Flickr user Kevin Krejci