German Army Enlists Johnson Controls to Boost Energy Efficiency

German Army Enlists Johnson Controls to Boost Energy Efficiency

As the U.S. military musters efforts to lighten its environmental bootprint, the German Army also is striving to march down a green path and has enlisted Johnson Controls Inc. to retrofit the Oranienstein base in Diez.

The 9-acre facility that houses the medical command center for the German Army occupies a historic site whose distinguishing features include a 17th castle, Schloss Oranienstein (pictured left), and a museum.

Johnson Controls announced yesterday that it had signed a 10-year energy performance contract with the German Army and has already begun the retrofit at Oranienstein, where energy costs are currently about 475,000 a year (almost $606,000 in U.S. dollars).

The project, which is scheduled for completion before the end of the year, is expected to deliver annual energy cost savings of 49 percent and an annual reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 55 percent.

The 1.3 million-euro project (about $1.7 million USD), whose costs will be covered by the savings realized during the 10 years of the performance contract, emphasizes renewable energy, lighting upgrades and stepping up the building control system on the site.

The project calls for:

  • Replacing an 850kW oil boiler by a woodchip boiler.
  • Installing two mini-gas fired combined heat and power plants (CHP).
  • Constructing a gas pipeline for the CHP.
  • Changing the warm water supply in several buildings.
  • Installing a central water-softening plant.
  • Replacing lighting.
  • Installing meters and modernizing controls and the monitoring station at the site.

Johnson Controls also has an efficiency retrofit underway at the Germany Army base in Aulenbach, where performance targets following the project are a hefty 69 percent reduction in annual energy costs and a 76 percent reduction in GHG emissions.

Johnson Controls' projects with the U.S. military include a $34.1 million energy efficiency and conservation project at the naval base in Guam, an energy savings performance contract with the army's Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, and an energy savings performance plan at Fort Bliss in Texas.

Image of Schloss Oranienstein, Diez, Germany CC licensed by wkimedia user Warburg