Efficient Lighting Becomes a Business Priority, Study Says

Efficient Lighting Becomes a Business Priority, Study Says

With growing concerns about energy use, building professionals say efficient lighting has become business priority and that increasingly they are turning to LEDs as a solution, a new survey found.

The inaugural lighting survey conducted for Osram Sylvania showed that 81 percent of the 350 building and lighting professionals queried said they are more focused on energy efficiency. Seventy-three percent said they are already using or plan to use LED lighting in their commercial facilities

In good news for the lighting industry and LED manufacturers, 76 percent said they consider it more important to have lighting that saves money over time, even if it costs more to purchase and install, according to the survey results.Con Ed Warehouse

“Our inaugural commercial lighting survey reveals a technological transformation happening in the commercial sector,” Osram Sylvania President and CEO Rick Leaman said in a prepared statement.

“Businesses clearly recognize the energy and performance benefits of LED and solid state lighting. They are becoming early adopters of this technology to improve their commercial spaces and reap the financial benefits of energy efficiency.”

In an earlier study, Pike Research forecast that LEDs will account for almost half of a $4.4 billion market for lamps in the commercial, industrial and outdoor stationary sectors by 2020.

Symantec OfficeLEDs last longer, require less energy and produce less heat than traditional incandescent bulbs. The greatest barrier to their broad adoption has been cost.

The Osram Sylvania study indicates that while price is not dismissed, product benefits are now being given strong consideration when lighting changes are contemplated.

Findings of the survey conducted by telephone August 12 through September 2 include:

  • 71 percent of facilities and lighting professionals said they have evaluated their commercial lighting in just the past year, with 53 percent doing so in the past six months.
  • 84 percent said energy consumption is an important factor when making lighting decisions.
  • 84 also said operating costs and maintenance are important factors.

The full survey results are available from Osram Sylvania, a part of Siemens AG, at www.sylvania.com/survey.

Images courtesy of Osram Sylvania.