Lowe's, Moen Named WaterSense Partners of the Year

Lowe's, Moen Named WaterSense Partners of the Year

Faucet - CC license by Flickr user Joe Shlabotnik

 Lowe's and Moen are among the latest WaterSense Partners of the Year for their work to promote and create products that meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's WaterSense requirements.

WaterSense is a water efficiency program that sets criteria for products that conserve water, perform well and save money, allowing them to carry the WaterSense label.

Lowe's was named this year's retailer partner of the year - the second year it earned that title - for increasing its stock of WaterSense labeled products, creating marketing and advertising campaigns for WaterSense products, educating employees on water efficient products, offering discounts on labeled products and creating a "Build Your Savings" program that helped customers identify items that save water, energy and money. 

Plumbing fixture maker Moen is the WaterSense manufacturing partner of the year for making all of its bathroom faucet fixtures comply with the WaterSense criteria. Moen created all new products in 2009 to meet the WaterSense label and upgraded all existing products. The company now offers 267 WaterSense labeled fixtures at various prices.

The promotional partner of the year is the Cascade Water Alliance in King County, Wash., which worked with around 100 retailers and plumbers in the Puget Sound region to promote water efficiency and provided rebates for more than 3,000 WaterSense labeled toilets for small businesses and households.

Judy Benson, founder of Florida's Clear Water Products and Services Inc., was named the WaterSense irrigation partner of the year for educating businesses and consumers on outdoor water efficiency and encouraging irrigation professionals to partner with WaterSense.

Faucet - CC license by Flickr user Joe Shlabotnik