Brown, Dickinson Earn Straight A's on Green College Report Card

Brown, Dickinson Earn Straight A's on Green College Report Card

Brown, Dickinson and the University of Minnesota earned straight A's in the latest College Sustainability Report Card, a review of more than 300 colleges universities in the U.S. and Canada.

In all, seven colleges received an overall grade of A in the College Sustainability Report Card 2011 released last week by

The seven are:

The report card profiles and grades the colleges and universities with the 300 largest endowments in the United States and Canada and 22 other schools that applied for inclusion in the review. The schools are graded in nine categories based on information culled from school administrators and students in four surveys and by researchers using publicly available data.

The nine areas that are graded are administration, climate changes and energy, food and recycling, green building, student involvement, transportation, endowment transparency, investment priorities, shareholder engagement. The grades in each category make up the overall mark. While the report grade schools, it does not rank them. Schools are listed by the grade they received received, and within each grade, they are listed alphabetically.

Of the seven schools earning a grades this earning an A this year, four received a single B: Oberlin College, Pomona College, University of Wisconsin - Madison and Yale University.  All seven earned higher grades than they had the previous year, and the 52 schools that earned an overall grade of A or A- qualified as College Sustainability Leaders -- twice as many as last year.

First released in 2006 by the Sustainable Endowments Institute, the report card has charted a surge in environmentally responsible efforts by colleges and universities.

They include, the institute said:

  • 64 percent of schools now committing to carbon emissions reduction, compared to 23 percent in 2006
  • 70 percent having a campus farm or garden, compared to 9 percent in 2006
  • 75 percent making trayless dining a practice, compared to nine doing so in 2006
  • 79 percent having a green building policy, compared to 22 percent in 2006
  • 95 percent having a sustainability committee, 40 percent in 2006

The report, its interactive tools  for comparison and survey responses from schools are available at

Image of Brown Student Garden courtesy of Brown University.