NBC's Annual Green Week Puts an Environmental Spin on Prime-Time

NBC's Annual Green Week Puts an Environmental Spin on Prime-Time

Alternative energy, the profitability of natural gas, green stocks and hydrofracking will be featured on NBC Universal stations during its annual Green Week.

Starting Sunday night with NBC Sunday Night Football, Green Week runs from Nov. 14-21, with green topics injected into news and shows like The Office and 30 Rock, along with special reports and documentaries.

NBC Nighty News will run segments on hybrid delivery trucks, aquaponics (producing plants and fish in the same environment) and hydraulic fracturing, or hydrofracking, a controversial method for extracting natural gas.

CNBC's Mad Money will look at one green company stock a day, and Fast Money will examine the profitability of one green trade, like nuclear power, natural gas, clean coal and wind power, each day.

Morning Joe on MSNBC will include a five-day series on alternative energy and the U.S.'s dependance on foreign oil, and Today on NBC will cover green cleaning products and how to reduce energy and water use.

Off-screen, NBC will hold its first Eco Fair for for employees, with cooking demonstrations, electronics recycling, local food and artisans, and more.

Green Week is part of NCB Universal's overarching Green is Universal program, which began in May 2007.