FirstCarbon Solutions Moves Beyond CO2 with Energy Spinoff

FirstCarbon Solutions Moves Beyond CO2 with Energy Spinoff

Image CC licensed by Flickr user protographer23

Greenhouse gas software and services firm FirstCarbon Solutions launched a subsidiary last week to help companies meet their broader energy and sustainability goals.

FirstCarbon Energy Solutions, producer of ghgTrack software, will now offer a variety of services ranging from facilitating energy efficiency rebate programs, to acting as a third-party auditor for Energy Service Companies to verify energy savings from projects.

The move is reminiscent of Carbonetworks, the carbon accounting software firm that changed its name earlier this year to Enxsuite, in order to reflect a greater emphasis on energy efficiency and management. Dailey Tipton, FirstCarbon's vice president of sales and marketing, called the development a reflection of current market trends.

"What we're seeing in the market is clients that were last year focused on putting their arms around the data supporting carbon footprints so they could report," Tipton said. "Those clients have been progressing to work on sustainability initiatives to gain brand value, and maybe focus on supply chain. This is the next progression."

The company is already helping clients manage data around carbon, Tipton said, with the next phase re-purposing the data to bring in energy aspects. FirstCarbon Solutions prides itself as being an end-to-end software and consulting firm, with a focus on data management, for the compliance, brand and efficiency markets.

The Energy Solutions arm will provide energy bill analysis and payment services, ensuring accuracy and proper rate schedule, or even negotiate a more favorable rate schedule if needed. The company can also support rebate programs for states, municipalities and utilities, taking care of energy rebate processing, reporting and payment. It already manages California's Cash for Appliances program. 

FirstCarbon Energy Solutions can also help clients design and implement energy efficiency and sustainability programs, while also managing the data.

"It's really allowing clients to focus on their core business," said Tom Hamilton, who is heading the Energy Solutions subsidiary. "We bring best practices to table. We can do it cost effectively, so that trickles down to the clients' bottom line."

Image CC licensed by Flickr user protographer23.