Ecofont Software Pokes Holes in Printing Costs

Ecofont Software Pokes Holes in Printing Costs

The company behind the hole-filled Ecofont is now making it possible to use less ink when printing with common fonts.

Ecofont BV launched its Ecofont in late 2008, offering a font that was designed with tiny holes throughout the letters, using around 25 percent less ink than other fonts.

With its new Ecofont Software Enterprise edition, the company has developed a program that adds holes to other fonts before printing. The software adds an extra print button to users' toolbars, letting them turn fonts like Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman and Verdana into Ecofont-like versions.

The Enterprise edition currently works with Microsoft Word and Outlook, and it's available to companies with 30 or more workstations.

Ecofont BV says that companies make up the cost of the software with printer savings within a year, and some see quicker savings in a few months.