Net Impact Profiles the Entire Spectrum of Green Jobs

Net Impact Profiles the Entire Spectrum of Green Jobs

 From Walt Disney Company's senior manager for corporate responsibility to a packaging research fellow at Pepperidge Farm, a new report shows how a range of jobs can effect a company's sustainability work.

"Corporate Careers That Make A Difference," released by Net Impact and the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, looks at the current landscape of corporate social responsibility-related jobs.

Geared towards students and others looking for careers focused on sustainability, the report aims to show the roles various company departments play in overall sustainability strategies.

The bulk of the report is made up of 23 job profiles from Microsoft, Target, eBay, Herman Miller, Johnson & Johnson, Visa and others, including jobs like corporate responsibility manager, energy services senior manager, new product commercialization senior manager and product marketing manager.

Each profile covers a specific person, including their responsibilities, how they got their position, challenges the job faces and advice from them. And the report is rounded out with advice on what it takes to be a corporate citizenship leader and how to plan a career search.

Take, for instance, what the report says about the the work of Pareen Shah, Levi Strauss & Co.'s senior manager for strategy:


Because Pareen works closely with different functions throughout his company, he often plays the role of translator. “I see a lot of different parts of the organization, and see that these different groups could help each other out – so it might be as simple as facilitating a conversation.” When he learned of Levi’s sustainability team’s interest in the Better Cotton Initiative, a program to reduce the environmental impacts of cotton growing, he immediately got involved. “I know the sustainability guys are driving this,” he says, “and I know the merchandising team is charged with making sure the costing comes in on target from a product standpoint.”

To ensure merchandising could get on board with the initiative, Pareen helped drive a financial analysis the team could use. “I was able to connect the dots between the sustainability group and the merchandising group. So now, the merchandisers can look at the Better Cotton Initiative through their lens, and understand the cost impact to them.”


Image - CC license by bark (Flickr)