NComputing Virtualizes India's Computers for Energy Savings

NComputing Virtualizes India's Computers for Energy Savings

Desktop virtualization company NComputing today announced that it had landed a $1.6 million contract with the government of Punjab to bring computer labs to 480 schools across the state.

The contract will bring computer access to thousands of students at considerably less cost than a traditional computer center, and with 90 percent less energy use. NComputing's devices use just 1 watt of electricity -- an important move for a region that already faces an energy shortage.

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Under this technology, power consumed by one traditional computer can be shared to run as many as 10 other systems in such a way that each user will utilise just one watt of energy per unit.


Conceptualised by Ncomputing Inc, a US-based desktop virtualisation company, the green computing system makes use of X-550 software to share the total energy among different user systems.

Completing the first phase of Information Communication Technology (ICT) Education project in Punjab this week, Ncomputing has set up a five-seat computing laboratory in each of the 480 government schools selected across Punjab.

Each lab comprises four X-550 virtual desktops, one desktop computer, which operates through the X-550 software, one printer and a UPS....

'Today's PCs (personal computers) are so powerful that the vast majority of students only use a small fraction of the computer's capacity,' Ncomputing chairman and CEO Stephen Dukker told IANS.

'Ncomputing desktop virtualisation solution taps this unused capacity so that it can be simultaneously used by many students,' he added.

'Our products and technologies are easy to deploy, rugged and only use one watt of electricity. The low energy usage is critical because electricity in India can be expensive and often unreliable,' Dukker said.

NComputing says that the new contract makes it "the de-factor desktop computing procurement choice for education in India," and the company has long been aiming at the education market. Back in 2009, the company signed a contract with with the New York City Public School District to save the district money on purchasing and energy costs. The same year, NComputing teamed up with Haier to expand its presence in the developing world.

NComputing had earlier won the Wall Street Journal's Technology Innovation Award in 2007 for its virtualization software.