IBM Unveils Software to Virtualize a Data Center 'in Minutes'

IBM Unveils Software to Virtualize a Data Center 'in Minutes'

Every year, IBM hosts a massive gathering in Las Vegas called Pulse. And every year, the company unleashes a host of new products and services to meet an array of business needs.

Although the GreenBiz editorial staff wasn't able to attend this year's Pulse, the flow of news on green issues continues apace. In addition to a number of announcements made earlier this week about smarter buildings, among yesterday's news was a new virtual deployment software suite that IBM says can complete the virtualization of a single server in seconds, and a complete data center in less than an hour.

The new software is aimed at the massive and growing market for cloud computing, which according to a recent estimate by IDC will be a $45 billion market by 2013, up from $17 billion in spending in 2009.

Similar to aiding and abetting cloud environments, the new image management technologies from IBM also help companies with their virtualization projects. Both cloud computing and virtualized data centers increase energy and space efficiency by maximizing the compute power in a given data center, building economies of scale and efficiencies of scale at the same time.

While demand for cloud computing services is skyrocketing, IBM is pitching the new software on its speed and agility, as well as making what can be complex virtualization projects much simpler. Rather than requiring hands-on work to deploy new virtualized machines, IBM's new software uses dynamic provisioning and scheduling to roll out new virtual instances on servers.

“This new product delivers a definitive step forward in simplifying the way IT staff can manage the cloud,” Ric Telford, IBM's vice president of Cloud Services, said in a statement. “IBM is delivering again on our promise of leading cloud innovation for the enterprise.”