Del Monte Debuts Plastic Wrap for Single Serve Bananas

Del Monte Debuts Plastic Wrap for Single Serve Bananas

[Editor's note: This article originaly appeared at's Sceptic Tank blog and is reprinted with permission.]

As was foretold in the Book of Revelation, the End Times are fast-approaching, heralded by natural disaster, war, famine, and the kind of rampaging profligacy that gives you Del Monte's plastic-wrapped single serve bananas.

Sometimes a picture is a worth a thousand words, so just take a few moments to cast your eye over the image opposite and marvel at the mind that has delivered such an obscenity to common sense, nature and every attempt the food industry has ever made to improve its environmental credentials.

Then again, sometimes you still need words to try and express the utter crushing futility of it all. This has to be a joke, right? You're desperately clinging to the hope you've somehow woken up on April 1, aren't you?

As Daily Show host Jon Stewart observed while inducting the item into the show's Pantry of Shame: "What function does the bag serve that the peel does not serve?"

If there is anyone out there that can answer that question, please get in touch.

Apparently, there is some talk in the blogosphere that the plastic wrapping will make bananas last longer and reduce waste and delivery journeys. Which sounds good, but does not get away from the fact it is a single banana, wrapped in plastic.

The Sceptic Tank's already tentative faith in humanity has been shaken, and we really need to know what Del Monte was thinking.