Canon USA Saves $300K with Focus on Energy Efficient Offices

Canon USA Saves $300K with Focus on Energy Efficient Offices

Canon U.S.A. saved $300,000 in utility bills over a two-year period by focusing on the energy used in offices for lighting, computers and printing.

Efficiency and conservation measures at five key sites from 2009 through 2010 saved 2.7 gigawatt-hours (2.7 million kilowatt-hours) of energy -- enough that it could have been used to power Canon U.S.A. corporate headquarters in Lake Success, N.Y., for four months, the company said in a statement about the results.

Canon took a hard look at energy use and practices at its headquarters and regional offices in Irvine, Calif., Itasca, Ill., Jamesburg, N.J., and Irving, Texas, to determine what areas to tackle.

The results involved:

 Canon U.S.A. headquarters.Revamping Lighting: The company updated bulbs and fixtures with high-efficiency, low-carbon lighting and installed motion sensors controls. It also removed, deactivated or reduced lighting in areas with ample natural light or low foot traffic.

Syncing Building Operation Schedules to the Work Week (Lighting, Part 2):
Rather than lighting office buildings 24/7, the company has decided to light offices only during certain hours for the work week. People working late or on weekends have to notify building operators if adjustments are to be made.

Replacing Old Computer Monitors: 4,000 cathode ray tube monitors were donated to schools and charities and replaced with more energy efficient LCD monitors.

Tighter Management of Printing: More than 550 personal printers were replaced with multifunction devices and network software to manage printing and routing of jobs to the most energy efficient equipment for the tasks. In addition, the company said two-sided printing saved more than 1.6 million sheets of paper in 2010.

Canon was listed among the top 10 firms in the Climate Counts scorecard for 2010. The organization reviewed 90 large consumer companies and assessed them based on their work to measure and reduce climate impact, support or oppose climate legislation and disclose climate-related actions. Canon and its environmental practices tied for ninth place with a score of 71 out of a possible 100 points.

Top image CC licensed by Flickr user Paul Reynolds. Inset image from Canon USA.