Climate Week Kicks Off with a Call for a 'Clean Revolution'

Climate Week Kicks Off with a Call for a 'Clean Revolution'

Climate Week kicked off with a bang today in New York with a new campaign from The Climate Group it hopes will start a revolution.

The three-year Clean Revolution campaign will target businesses, companies and thought-leaders to take action on climate change. An accompanying website will showcase case studies on how companies and cities are moving toward a low-carbon economy, such as IKEA, BT, Better Place and the City of New York.

Here's how The Climate Group defines a "Clean Revolution": A massive upscale of clean energy, clean technologies, design and new business practices.

"The Clean Revolution campaign is a call to action," said Climate Group CEO Mark Kenber in a statement. "It is about highlighting the economic opportunity in a low-carbon economy. It's about inspiring leaders to step up and take transformational action to help us secure a better, smarter, safer, more prosperous world. A world with enhanced economic growth, more jobs and increased energy security. Our campaign demonstrates that The Clean Revolution is not only possible -- it's already underway." Clean Revolution picture

It's not entirely clear how The Group is going to, in its own words, "inspire, catalyze and enable" companies and governments to move quickly on climate change. On the Clean Revolution website, there is a registration page where users can join and send contact information to The Climate Group, which says: Enter your details below, so we can talk with you about how you – and your organization – can help us deliver a better, smarter, more prosperous future for all."

In a statement, Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said he has recently taken a position of chairman of The Climate Group's International Leadership Council. Also joining Blair on Monday were New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and representatives from the World Bank and United Nations.

"In this role -- and over the next three years -- I will be working with The Climate Group to help convene the world's most influential business and government leaders and ask them to take transformational action which will create jobs, ensure economic growth and halt climate change," he said.

Look out for more coverage in the coming days from Climate Week 2011, including the latest research into the climate change practices of the S&P 500 from the Carbon Disclosure Project.