Serious Energy to Bring Efficiency-as-a-Service to Market

Serious Energy to Bring Efficiency-as-a-Service to Market

One of the biggest challenges facing energy efficiency retrofits has long been the complicated nature of the process.

Whether it's making the business case to justify the upfront costs, negotiating the tax liens from PACE programs, or even getting in the door with building owners, there is no shortage of obstacles to picking up what is one of the biggest crops of low-hanging fruit.

Serious Energy today is announcing a new service that hopes to clear those hurdles, and help speed up the rate at which building owners can undertake energy efficiency retrofits -- a move that can save significant cash flow as well as make a dent in the nation's carbon footprint.

SeriousCapital, a unit of Serious Energy, is launching an energy-efficiency-as-a-service offering that will offer building energy upgrades at zero cost to owners.

Serious will use its energy management software to evaluate opportunities for energy efficiency in a building, then will take over payments of the building's utility bill while upgrading windows and becoming the building energy management system.

The energy savings from the efficiency upgrades will then pay for the retrofit itself, as well as the discount that customers get for signing on with SeriousCapital.

"We must make it simple for building owners to make improvements to their buildings and eliminate the roadblocks that have traditionally stood in the way of creating more comfortable, efficient, valuable properties," Claire Broido Johnson, General Manager of SeriousCapital, Serious Energy, said in a statement.

Serious Energy has partnered with Grubb & Ellis, one of the nation's largest real estate service and investment companies, to spread the word about SeriousCapital.

"This is the type of project a number of owners and occupiers will find great value in, for their businesses as well as to the benefit of their employees," Ken Di Scipio, managing director of Corporate Services and member of the practice group at Grubb & Ellis, said in a statement. "We've initially received strong interest since launching the project with Serious Energy and look forward to helping reduce energy costs at properties across the U.S."

This is the latest big step from Serious Energy (which rebranded from Serious Materials earlier this year). In addition to its well covered work to replace all the windows in the Empire State Building, the company last month performed a similar job for the similarly iconic New York Stock Exchange.

Photo CC-licensed by loop_oh.