State Department Partnership with 1E Slashes PC Energy Use

State Department Partnership with 1E Slashes PC Energy Use

Software company 1E has just announced the first results of one of its biggest contracts: managing the energy used by and security compliance for nearly 90,000 desktop computers at 468 offices operated around the world by the U.S. State Department.

1E announced this week that it has completed the first round of assessments of its deployment of Nightwatchman and Nomad Enterprise software platforms to help trim energy costs in the government agency. In addition to PC power management, the company is also required to make sure security and computer availability remain up to par at the offices, embassies, consulates and passport offices the State Department operates.

The State Department is undertaking its energy efficiency efforts as part of its Greening Diplomacy Initiative, which has set as one goal to eliminate power waste across 100 percent of its workstation computers.

After its initial assessment, 1E believes that it will help the State Department save several million dollars a year in energy costs, and has already managed to eliminate more than 21,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year.

The news comes as more and more companies are picking up the low-hanging fruit of energy wasted by unused computers. A report released in October found that the market for PC power management tools is expected to grow nearly five-fold by 2015.

And for governments and publicly funded institutions that are increasingly under public and legislative scrutiny for how they allocate taxpayer dollars, PC power management can be a significant boon. The state of California this year announced that it had saved millions of dollars in PC energy use after just six months of PC power management, and Penn State University thinks it could cut costs by $800,000 per year with a campus-wide power management project.