Schick Unveils a Disposable Razor Made with Recycled Plastic

Schick Unveils a Disposable Razor Made with Recycled Plastic

Plastic hangers, buckets and trays are being recycled to make the handles for a greener version of the Schick Xtreme3 disposable razor, which made its debut last week.

Disposable razors, items that are designed to be thrown away, are difficult to recycle, which is apparently why Schick focused on reducing the environmental impacts of the product's materials, its packaging and manufacturing.

The razor is the first to use 100 percent recycled plastic for the handle and 100 percent post-consumer paper for packaging, according to Mike O'Malley, the company's director of program management and sustainability.

In a company video on the manufacturing process (below), O'Malley also says the Xtreme3 Eco is made at a Schick plant in Milford, Conn.,"that's 99.9 percent landfill-free."

The material for the handles comes from NextLife, which takes takes post-consumer plastic, processes it and provides the resin to customers, like Schick, that use the substance to make new products.

Over the course of a year, Schick expects the new razor will prevent the use of 103,000 pounds of new plastic and save 15,500 pounds of virgin paper. The company also says the amount of plastic being recycled would be enough to vertically encircle the Washington Monument more than 2,330 times.

The razor is being sent to Walmart shelves first and will be more widely released in the United States in April to roughly coincide with Earth Day.

Top photo and video courtesy of Schick. Inset photo via PR Newswire.