Storify: GE, IBM share innovations at VERGE São Paulo

Storify: GE, IBM share innovations at VERGE São Paulo

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VERGE Brazil highlights need for collaboration in tech-led initiatives

Public-private partnerships will be key to cities' efforts to better serve their constituents as more of the world's population moves to urban centers and energy demands multiply. GE, IBM and others discussed how their efforts are working and what's needed to move them forward.

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Sustainability thought leaders in Brazil gathered at VERGE Sao Paulo. lots of good discussion taking place. #vergeconMario Salinas
Jose Carlos Duarte, CTO for IBM Brazil, spoke about big data and cities.
RT @GrnBz: In Brazil 81% of the population lives in cities. - Jose Carlos Duarte Chief Technology Officer, IBM #VERGEConHugh Byrne
"Real time for a city is TOO LATE." We need to use technology to predict problems and solve them before they happen. Duarte #VERGEConKrys F.
IBM's operations center for City of Rio aggregates data from 36 agencies, public & private #VERGEconDerek Top
What's happening with waste-to-energy technology? Adriana Machado of GE filled attendees in.
RT @greenbiztweets: Landfill gas an opportunity for clean energy -Adriana Machado, @generalelectric Brazil #vergecon Heimbuch
Great to see a woman running #GE in Brazil! Adriana Machado talking about room for collaboration in Brazil. #VERGEconEric Faurot
GE Brazil's tweet, for those who don't speak Portuguese: "Brazil is so full of opportunities to turn trash into energy."
"O Brasil é tão cheio de oportunidades que até o lixo nós transformamos em energia", Adriana Machado, presidente da @GEdoBrasil no #vergeconGE do Brasil
"We need to work with partners that complement what we offer to provide solutions" Adriana Machado CEO, GE #vergeconBecky Dempsey
Folks in the chat room weighed in too.
From the #VERGECon Chat: "People feel better about waste generation if they think is can be recycled..." -Michelle LaneKrys F.
What was a banker doing in the room? Linda Murasawa, sustainability superintendent for Santander, answered that question.
"The bank system needs to react in news ways. We need machines, but also intelligence and engagement", Linda Murasawa, Santander #vergeconBeto Gomes
@makower at #vergecon: On market willingness to adopt new technologies - "People are more willing to change when change = better."Michael McCaffrey
From subsecretary of renewable energy Milton Flavio: 55% of the sources of energy in São Paulo are renewable:
Segundo subsecretário de Energias Renováveis da Secretaria de Energia de SP, 55% das fontes de energia de SP são renováveis #VergeConInveste São Paulo
But losses along the way are big:
20% of the electricity produced in São Paulo gets lost in the transmission and distribution. A huge problem to solve... #vergeconBeto Gomes
So the public and private sector need to work together (For those who don't read Portuguese: "The subsecretary says São Paulo encourages private initiatives to develop projects that increase the use of renewable resources.")
Subsecretário disse que Estado de SP estimula iniciativa privada a desenvolver projetos que aumentem uso de fontes renováveis #VergeConInveste São Paulo
Carlos Rittl, head of climate and energy programs for WWF Brazil, enlightened the audience about the need for public-private partnerships:
brazilian windpower energy association is developing a label to inform consumers #vergeconBeto Gomes
Brazil needs to improve its strategic view over the renewable sources of energy to get more of the wind and solar power potential. #vergeconBeto Gomes
Next up: insight on energy management and smart grids from Gustavo Pimenta of AES Brazil.
Gustavo Pimenta, AES Brasil: Utility sponsoring electric vehicle pilot project in Sao Paulo #VERGEconDerek Top
Vanderley John of the University of Sao Paulo offered analysis on next-gen buildings and materials.
Construction sector consumes around 50% of natural resources of the planet - Vanderley John, professor University of São Paulo. #vergeconBeto Gomes
Vanderley John: the way to measure enviromental impact and sustainability is through life cycle analisys of products and services #vergeconBeto Gomes
Thanks to all who participated at #VERGECon São Paulo this morning - great conversation in room & online! http://vergecon.greenbiz.comEllie Buechner
Thanks to everybody who attended. Stay tuned for more GreenBiz coverage tomorrow.