Infographic: Companies, consumers see benefits from green manufacturing

Infographic: Companies, consumers see benefits from green manufacturing

There used to be a time when it was the norm for manufacturers to contribute to environmental degradation. Over time, though, there was a shift in ideas about what was acceptable. Many people realized that in order to improve the world we live in, companies needed to produce greener products and be more sustainable. 

Consumers have influence on the way manufacturers produce their goods. Many are willing to pay more for an eco-friendly product, which catches the ear of manufacturers -- as well as marketing departments.

Today, more and more companies are implementing environmental strategies, sustainable initiatives and sponsoring sustainable events.

How do countries respond to being eco-friendly -- and are they actually performing well?

This infographic details how consumer attitudes have changed about green products, and details the performance of companies that have taken on sustainability in some part of their business operations. It also gives a year on year analysis of carbon emissions output and the impact on its footprint by countries around the world.

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Photo of green circuits provided by joanchang/Shutterstock