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GreenBiz Executive Network


GreenBiz Executive Network (GBEN) is a peer-driven membership group designed to support sustainability professionals from the world’s largest companies in driving transformation across their organizations. We do this by creating highly curated experiences that deepen exchanges and build capacity for our members as they embrace increasingly ambitious goals.

Across in-person gatherings, virtual meetings, supporting resources and peer-to-peer forums, GreenBiz Executive Network members benefit from the expertise of GreenBiz subject matter leads, invited experts, and other members.


GreenBiz Executive Network Interest Groups

Now more than fifteen years old, GreenBiz Executive Network (GBEN) has grown to include a growing number of interest groups focused on Strategy, Circularity and Transport. GBEN members receive access to all interest groups within one membership.


  • Strategy - North America: Designed for North American sustainability and corporate social responsibility executives to meet with peers to gain guidance and insight for better decision-making.

  • Strategy - Europe: Curated for corporate sustainability leaders based in Europe, this cohort meets both virtually and in person to share insights, lessons, and resources. 

  • Circularity: Developed for professionals from the world’s largest companies to increase the impact of circular economy initiatives. 

  • Transport: Designed to cover the most critical areas in transport decarbonization, including road, logistics, freight, aviation and maritime.


What Makes GBEN Unique?

  • Peer driven: As questions, concerns, and ideas surface from the group, GBEN’s facilitators structure conversations, presentations, and resources to address the needs of the group. 

  • Expert facilitation: GBEN’s facilitators bring years of experience to their work and have access to all of GreenBiz’s analysts, reporters, and partners.

  • Diverse member roster: Members come from a wide range of industries. This diversity of experience ensures a robust discussion. While members come from many industries, the revenue requirement ($1 Billion in revenue) ensures that the focus is on broad multi-site (typically multi-national) businesses.

  • Designed for the entire sustainability team: With a broad range of topics explored, sustainability leaders have the ability to share membership with their team and, when appropriate, teammates from other departments.

  • No sales pitches: Consultants and sales people are not allowed in the meetings.


workshop attendees discussing plans

"For more than 15 years, the GBEN has created an environment of trust and reciprocity where members openly share actionable tactics and tools while providing a support system for their peers."


SVP, Executive Network
GreenBiz Group



Who should join?


GreenBiz Executive Network members are primarily sustainability executives and practitioners responsible for their company’s sustainability strategy and execution. Membership is not available to consultants, universities, NGOs or the media.


What kinds of companies should participate?


GreenBiz Executive Network includes the world’s leading companies and brands — both learning and leadership companies from across a wide range of business sectors. Extending membership to a broad range of companies fosters innovation and provides unique insights and diverse perspectives. Member companies must have revenues greater than $1 billion to be eligible. 


What are the benefits of joining?


GreenBiz Peer Network members receive many benefits including:

  • In-person meetings to ensure robust, interactive discussions driven by members
  • Frequent and accessible virtual discussions addressing timely topics across a variety of interest groups
  • Moderated online forum for members to anonymously pose questions directly to peers
  • Member Portal with access to presentations, third-party resources, meeting notes, best practices, and more
  • Exclusive discounts to all of GreenBiz Group’s industry-leading, in-person events
  • GreenBiz Executive Network operates under Chatham House rules


What do members find most valuable? 


Members value the unparalleled combination of expertly facilitated in-person meetings, virtual learning capsules, and coordinated knowledge-sharing that allows them to leverage collective intelligence and resources in a community-driven way. Members appreciate the blended format of asynchronous, virtual, and in-person connectivity and expertly-facilitated discussions curated the specialized needs of the group. 


How do I obtain more information?


Fill out the form to request more information on the GreenBiz Executive Network. A member of our team will contact you shortly to respond to any questions you may have.



Interested in learning more about GreenBiz Executive Network? Reach out to us and we can explore if it is right for you and your team.

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