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2020 Corporate Energy and Sustainability Progress Report


June, 2020

For anyone involved in the energy and sustainability industry back in 2010, 2020 is hardly recognizable. Changes over the past decade were seismic and the new decade—starting with the global response to the current pandemic—holds even more in store. Disruption is expanding the role of energy managers, digital innovations are transforming programs, and bold commitments are preparing organizations for an uncertain future.

The 2020 Corporate Energy & Sustainability Progress Report examines the massive progress we have collectively made on energy and sustainability, makes sense of the current trends and offers 5 expert-recommended action steps for companies to maintain momentum, and previews the changes yet to come.

The report is based on a survey, conducted by GreenBiz and Schneider Electric, of 265 global energy and sustainability professionals from corporations earning more than $250 million in annual revenue from 17 different industry segments.

In the report, you’ll learn about:

  • The expanding role and importance of traditional energy managers
  • How 86% of respondents are transforming their energy and sustainability programs to accommodate digital innovations
  • A potential disconnect on the threat of climate change across organizational hierarchies  
  • The impact that bold, public commitments can have on a company’s preparedness for future
  • Fresh funding mechanisms that can unlock funding resources outside of CapEx and OpEx

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