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2024 Net Zero Report: Aligning Corporate Vision With Decarbonization Realities


February, 2024

ENGIE Impact’s 2024 Net Zero Report reveals five core roadblocks preventing organizations from making headway with their decarbonization plans. The report identifies common roadblocks to decarbonization and explores some troubling findings, including the tendency for many organizations to approach decarbonization as a limited, narrow initiative instead of the transformational, whole-business approach it needs to be.

This fourth installment of the annual report, based on surveys of more than 500 senior decision-makers from large global organizations, provides a year-over-year analysis of the progress companies are making in their decarbonization efforts — identifying trends that are both encouraging and concerning.

The share of companies rating their sustainability programs as either “extremely” or “considerably” successful has significantly increased from a combined total of 28% in 2020 to 68% today. Additionally, half of companies (52%) are already making fundamental changes to their business model to achieve long-term decarbonization commitments.

The research reveals five core roadblocks inhibiting corporate decarbonization progress:

  • Multiple business priorities and a lack of executive focus.
  • Internal governance bottlenecks that slow decision-making and execution.
  • Budget constraints that limit the speed of execution.
  • Limited data and technology to measure and report progress.
  • Lack of internal skillsets to execute change at pace and scale.

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