Accountability For Climate Action: How Corporations Are Tackling Climate Change

Businesses of all sizes and types play a vital role in addressing climate change. There is urgency for business to accept responsibility for improving their operations, their products, and their supply chains. Whether these changes take the form of a commitment to increase efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, embrace renewables, or a self-imposed carbon fee, corporations need to look across the board to analyze and enhance best practices.

To gain greater insight into how corporations are tackling climate change, Ingersoll Rand partnered with GreenBiz Group to find out what companies are doing in this arena. This research reveals how a broad range of companies view climate change and analyzes what companies have done and are doing, how addressing climate change fits into their business strategies and what can be expected in the future.

It is in this context that Ingersoll Rand and GreenBiz Group conducted a comprehensive research study to determine:

  • The role businesses play in addressing climate change and the actions they are taking to reduce their impacts
  • How companies are building strategies to map and measure the success of their climate strategies
  • How business is reacting to the changing landscape of proposed regulation — self regulation and government regulation — and how this impacts the future of innovation and management

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