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Assessing Corporate DEI+J Maturity


December, 2023

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEI+J) has become a top priority for US businesses in recent years. While companies have invested heavily in top-down initiatives like workforce development and recruitment, many have yet to implement the deeper, structural changes needed to make a lasting impact.

And now with growing political backlash and risk of litigation, progress that has been made is under threat as businesses consider muting or even pausing their DEI+J efforts.

To see how businesses are doing on DEI+J during this charged atmosphere, we surveyed corporate leaders across a wide range of Fortune 500 companies, exploring topics like social equity, mentorship, integration of DEI+J into policies and values, responsible sourcing, political lobbying, community-focused justice issues, and more.

Our findings reveal that companies have tremendous opportunity to amplify their impact and drive business value by leveraging DEI+J as more than just a transactional tool.

Download our research on Assessing Corporate DEI+J Maturity to learn:

  • 7 key findings on how companies are advancing DEI+J initiatives and where they can improve
  • How businesses approach DEI+J internally versus externally
  • What these findings mean in the current sociopolitical context
  • Actionable recommendations for making DEI+J a transformational force in your business

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