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Corporate Sustainability Goal Setting and Measurement


May, 2021

Companies across all sectors are placing increased focus on sustainability as a tenet of their business practices. GreenBiz Group, in collaboration with Black & Veatch, conducted research to gain a greater understanding of corporate sustainability goals and some of the strategies for achieving those commitments. Stakeholders from boards and C-suites to employees and customers are looking toward business to do its part in reducing its environmental impact. To achieve the goals of the Paris agreement, companies now need to deliver on their sustainability commitments. 

Given that many have made aggressive commitments without a perfectly clear path, success will require a broad-based strategy or road-mapping that includes investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other new technologies. Master planning will be a critical component of any organization’s sustainability strategy, no matter their revenue or size. 

Depending on the industry, many of these investments will be sunk into assets that will be in use for decades, driving organizations to consider how an investment designed to meet its 2030 goal will align with a far more aggressive, future 2050 goal. Developing a sustainability masterplan is a necessary tool to ensure organizations can state, meet, and achieve their stated commitments.

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