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Discover the Top Ten Clean Technology Trends in 2024


May, 2024

Discover the top cleantech trends in 2024! This comprehensive report provides valuable insights into the future of the clean energy industry. With solar and wind power projected to account for nearly 50% of capacity and 30% of electricity generation in Europe by 2025, staying informed about these rapidly growing sectors is crucial. Additionally, the increasing demand for low-carbon products presents both challenges and opportunities for manufacturers. Certification plays a vital role in ensuring carbon reduction promises are met and maintaining a level playing field. Furthermore, solar and storage manufacturers face challenges such as oversupply and price wars, impacting margins and localization efforts. Despite rising capital costs, offshore wind capacity auctions are expected to reach record highs in 2024. Stay ahead of the competition and leverage these trends to drive your business forward. Contact S&P Global Commodity Insights for more information.

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