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ESG for the New Sustainability or ESG Manager

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October, 2023

In recent years, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) has moved from the margins of business management to the center. Stakeholders, including boards of directors, investors, and value chain partners, are increasingly using ESG as a lens to judge how well an organization is addressing risks and opportunities. These include risks and opportunities related to climate change, energy management, and choices of chemical products. Additionally, rulemaking bodies are issuing regulatory requirements for ESG disclosures that will impact many companies around the world. As a result, companies have gone on unpreceded hiring sprees for roles such as “ESG Manager” or “Sustainability Director,” and that trend doesn’t seem likely to stop soon.  

Perhaps you have recently assumed a role managing your company’s ESG disclosures and sustainability initiatives. This eBook will help widen the frame on your role and responsibilities and demonstrate how your success as a sustainability and ESG professional depends on understanding EHS (Environmental, Health, and Safety) and developing good relationships with the people in your organization who manage EHS. 

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