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Fueling the Future: Biofuels Driving Progress on Net Zero


April, 2024

Biofuels are emerging as a critical driver in the fight against climate change, offering a sustainable solution for decarbonizing hard-to-electrify transport sectors like aviation and shipping. But will there be enough biofuels to meet ambitious net-zero goals? S&P Global Commodity Insights dives deep into this essential question in our latest report.

Download your copy today and gain insights into:

  • The impact of regional biofuel policies: Explore how government initiatives worldwide drive biofuel adoption and shape market dynamics.
  • The evolving feedstock landscape: Discover how advancements in technology are broadening the range of materials that can be used to produce biofuels, creating a more robust and sustainable supply chain.
  • The future of biofuel demand across transport sectors: Get a comprehensive forecast for biofuel use in aviation, shipping, and road transport, helping you identify potential growth opportunities and navigate likely challenges.

Power Your Net-Zero Journey: read this special report today.

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