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GreenBiz Insights: Energy Resilience

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September, 2019

The climate conscious often associate the term “resilience” with infrastructure, such as sea walls, stormwater management systems and public transit hubs. But the notion of “energy resilience” is gaining currency as communities and companies contemplate how to align their investments in affordable clean energy with keeping the lights on during turbulent times.

“Resilience” in this sense refers to the capacity to bounce back quickly from any number of natural and manmade shocks. The solutions take various shapes, including microgrids that combine on-site generation technologies like solar panels or thermal engines with energy storage.

As the urgency of climate change sinks in, more energy resilience experiments are switching on every day. By downloading this report, you’ll get access to a curated collection of articles sharing valuable insights and case studies on energy resilience and stories about the people, companies and technologies that are powering this trend. 

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