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How to Center Racial Justice in Your Climate Action Planning


November, 2023

Climate change and inequality operate in a vicious cycle. Thanks to years of institutionalized racism and systemic inequality, communities of color and low-income populations – those least responsible for climate change – bear the greatest burden. To make sure your climate initiatives don’t perpetuate the cycle and cause unintended harm to vulnerable communities, you’ll need to thoughtfully weave racial justice considerations into every step of your climate action planning.

We understand this can feel like an insurmountable task. These are systemic problems we’re dealing with, and they require systemic solutions. So, how do you bridge justice with your climate initiatives? What tangible actions can you take to ensure your net zero transition serves all communities?

Download our Centering Racial Justice in Your Climate Action Planning guide to learn:

  • Why centering racial justice in your climate action planning is so essential and what business benefits you’ll gain.
  • Key guiding principles to anchor your climate justice work.
  • 6 high-level steps to begin your climate justice journey.
  • An in-depth breakdown of racial justice considerations for each element of a climate action plan.
  • Ideas for weaving justice into each step of your climate action plan, from goal setting to GHG emissions reduction.

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