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How Consumer Engagement Can Drive Circularity Report


January, 2020

GreenBiz Research, in partnership with GlobeScan,  engaged 20 experts from around the world to get their views on the pathway to a more circular economy. 

The shift to a more circular economy offers a compelling solution to the way the world currently conducts business. Circularity has the potential to change economic systems and help avoid devastating impacts to our climate and society.

But circularity cannot happen in a vacuum. Migrating to a circular economy requires systemic change, not only to current business models, but also to consumption patterns. Much of the recent writing about circularity highlights the importance of a collective commitment and a need for greater collaboration by industry, government and non-governmental entities. Perhaps most critically, success will require consumers to play an important role in shifting the paradigm as they have the power to choose every time they make a purchase.

Download this free report to gain insight on the barriers that may inhibit circularity from scaling and explore how to effectively engage consumers as a driver toward a more circular economy.


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