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How Corporations are Managing Risk, Resiliency and Sustainability Report


June, 2020

Insights from the real world: How businesses are tackling climate change and what they’ve learned along the way.

Better and more sustainable energy approaches are something everyone can agree on. Getting there, however, provides a wide range of challenges. Now, thanks to a practical new research study just conducted by NRG Energy and GreenBiz Group, you can learn from the experiences of your peers and businesses who have begun taking steps to reach their climate goals. 

Nearly 250 business and energy leaders were surveyed, and their responses and experiences provide invaluable learning lessons. It’s time for worthy concepts and goals to be enhanced with practical insights on how to achieve success. This survey’s findings and common issues it brings forth does just that. You’ll see how risk management and sustainability efforts converge, how reporting standards like those set by the TCFD can be met, how scenario analysis has become a preferred approach for setting science-based targets, and how collaboration can help deliver measured emissions reductions.

To move forward, download the report and register for our webcast on July 14th to hear directly from both the research sponsor, NRG Energy, and several participants. 

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