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Proving the ROI of ESG: How These 6 Organizations are Crushing It

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June, 2023

Demonstrating ROI for your ESG efforts is more vital than ever given the uncertainty around global economy and geopolitics. This means not only reporting to and aligning with internal stakeholders and the board, but also staying on top of the diverse global reporting frameworks when budgets are tight and teams are getting leaner. 

And while ESG is not a competition, in many ways, it is a race. New policies, regulations, public opinion, and reporting frameworks continue to come up or evolve as organizations struggle to keep up. Proving ROI while managing large quantities of ESG data and assessing the risks around sustainable actions can be easier said than done. 

Uncover the secret recipes from six different organizations across industries and build the blueprint to set your company up for ESG success.

Discover how these sustainability teams: 

  •  Expanded scope and accelerated carbon reporting 
  •  Improved CDP score and passed data audits
  •  Developed holistic, data-driven ESG strategies 
  •  Elevated the profile of their new ESG leader 
  •  Embraced community engagement 

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