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The Role of Solid Oxide Technology in the Hydrogen Economy: A Primer


November, 2021

With today’s climate crisis looming large, the energy industry is at a critical juncture and must rapidly evolve its approach to catalyze change and accelerate decarbonization. As countries commit to net-zero emissions goals, the need for hydrogen is becoming clear. However, despite escalating interest and growing momentum, the market is still in its early stages. Most would argue that the successful transition to a hydrogen economy, and our best chance for a net-zero future, hinges on the following: can clean hydrogen be produced efficiently, cost-effectively, and at scale?

That’s where Bloom Energy comes in. 

At Bloom Energy, we aren’t just selling a product – we’re selling a vision for the future. At the heart of this vision is the solid oxide cell. Built for Mars and deployed on Main Street, Bloom Energy’s solid oxide fuel cell platform is uniquely designed to address both the causes and consequences of our changing climate, decarbonizing our world’s most difficult-to-decarbonize industries. Bloom’s purpose-built platform has the flexibility to be deployed as a distributed generator of electricity, or as an electrolyzer to produce green hydrogen.

‘The Role of Solid Oxide Technology in the Hydrogen Economy’ discusses the growing momentum in hydrogen and the inherent advantages of solid oxide technology in a broad variety of hydrogen applications. Download today.

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