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Sustainability Action Report: Survey Findings on ESG Disclosure and Preparedness


May, 2023

ESG expectations are on the rise. And companies are responding.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns continue to ratchet up as stakeholders increasingly expect a company’s business strategy to align with its sustainability commitments, priorities and requirements. Stakeholders understand the impact and dependence of companies on the environment and society, and it’s evident that sustainability reporting and disclosure are more than “check-the-box” compliance exercises.

In fact, in Deloitte’s most recent survey on ESG disclosure, 89% of executives surveyed said they’re proactively making strides now to hold themselves accountable and drive trust with their stakeholders.

This revealing new report shows significant changes and lingering challenges compared with findings from just a year ago:

  • Companies are starting to see the benefits that can be realized through enhanced ESG governance, controls and disclosure.
  • Many companies are creating new roles and responsibilities, and planning to invest in more technology and tools.
  • And yet … executives continue to face challenges with data accuracy and availability.

See how many companies are thinking about and addressing ESG disclosure and gain new insights that may help you as you guide your company into the future.

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