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Sustainability & Employee Engagement

September, 2014

The third edition of our employee engagement survey, which we began in 2008 in partnership with the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF). In our most recent results, 73 percent of respondents indicated that their company is educating employees across the organization about its corporate sustainability goals.

The GreenBiz Group Employee Engagement survey, conducted in March 2014, examines aspects of corporate environmental and sustainability education initiatives at companies at varying stages of program development. This survey builds on the GreenBiz Group and NEEF 2008 and 2011 survey findings featured in “The Engaged Organization” and “Toward Engagement 2.0” and provides a quantitative understanding of the evolution of employee engagement.

What’s new and interesting:

  • “Sustainability” remains the established phrase to describe a company’s environmental sustainability initiatives. “Greening” for many years was the second-most-used term but is now almost the least used to describe these initiatives.
  • Social and environmental activities converge. As companies begin to address more complex supply-chain issues, those surveyed see environmental and social issues becoming more connected.
  • Has sustainability knowledge become less important or have we “arrived”? In large companies, those surveyed see less of an increase in the value placed on a job candidate’s sustainability knowledge than in years past, while mid-sized and small companies still see this as increasing.


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