12 Steps to Sustainability

This report from Kanal Consulting focuses on practical ways that organizations can implement sustainability to improve the bottom line and the environment. To read the full paper, visit KanalConsulting.com [PDF].

According to the firm's Managing Principal Vijay Kanal, "Successful companies have realized that sustainability is a key element of strategy, and are profiting from it. Our focus is on identifying opportunities and helping clients execute on them, and we have seen that when sustainability is tightly integrated with the business it is possible to achieve financial success while helping the environment. This report is a blueprint to help organizations succeed in both dimensions."

The 12 key points in the report are:

1. Integrate sustainability into the company's vision, values, or core mission statement.
2. Set goals that are specific, credible, measurable, and normalized for business changes.
3. Treat sustainability projects with the same business case requirements as other projects.
4. Let the CEO and senior executives be the key spokespeople, and demonstrate internal commitment.
5. Establish a strong governance model.
6. Ensure employee engagement.
7. Drive operational efficiencies.
8. Implement technologies and policies to reduce business travel and commuting.
9. Employ product life-cycle analysis to inform new designs.
10. Communicate internally and externally.
11. Partner with the Supply Chain.
12. Engage various stakeholders.

Download the full report, "12 Steps to Sustainability: How Every Company Can Implement Sustainability to Improve the Bottom Line and the Environment," from KanalConsulting.com [PDF].