Energy Star, Shining Bright?

This report from EcoAlign's EcoPinion series of surveys explores how the Energy Star label is fading in its impact, and suggests ways that Energy Star -- or any green brand -- can help strengthen its reputation.

From the introduction to the report:

The primary objective for this seventh EcoPinion Survey Report is to test various components of the Energy Star brand with consumers. The Energy Star logo (and thus, brand commitment for higher energy efficiency) is found on thousands of household products, big and small. Millions of Americans have utilized the brand as an important part of their decision- making when buying appliances or making improvements to their home. Manufacturers, suppliers and stores rely on the brand for product differentiation and pricing.

The program has been so successful that the Obama Administration recently announced a new "Home Star" initiative. The brand has become the certification or mark for many additional incentives and rebates provided by the federal and state governments.

Finally, as noted in EcoPinion No. 3, "Branding Green But Seeing Red: Consumer Perceptions of Green Brands," there are very few strong brands in the space, meaning consumers could not point to many company brands or other brands in the energy and environment space as a brand they were aware of, or that had meaning to them. Thus, the Energy Star brand is even more important and perhaps the only brand in the space that combines high consumer awareness with high acceptance.

In short, a robust Energy Star brand is critically important as the nation moves toward greater levels of energy efficiency and savings as part of its national policy.

So, how bright is the Energy Star brand shining these days?

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