Greening the Data Center: Improve Energy Efficiency

As energy costs begin to compete with the cost of maintaining the underlying hardware, IT decision makers no longer have the luxury of being complacent towards issues of power consumption and energy management. Any data center can be improved in regards to energy efficiency, cost efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

From the Executive Summary of the report:

Data centers inherently conflict with the green movement: they operate in an "always on" state, consume copious amounts of energy, and use equipment containing toxic chemicals that can harm health and the environment. But all of that is changing. Rising energy costs coupled with growing power requirements, new advancements in technology, and changing attitudes towards the environment are causing enterprises to rethink their data center power strategies.

The first part in this three-part series looks at what IT can do to improve overall energy efficiency and reduce power requirements. Key topics include:

• Rising energy costs.
• Data center energy consumption.
• Power supply efficiency.
• Emerging energy standards for servers.
• High value, energy-saving tips for the data center.

Leading enterprises, vendors, analysts, governments, environmentalists, and even utility companies are all onboard when it comes to maximizing energy efficiency. It makes sense – save money and save the environment.

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