Puma's 2010 Environmental Profit & Loss Report

The apparel company's first full-year environmental profit & loss (EP&L) statement, for 2010, values the costs to the planet incurred by its operations across its supply chain.

The report lays out each of the factors that informs the EP&L, as well as the benefits that Puma gets from creating the report. Those benefits include:

• A strategic tool, helping to pinpoint areas to develop more sustainable materials and methods, such as more sustainable cotton and rubber and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

• A risk-management tool that gives the company an early view of emerging risks, for instance around availability of water for production and costs associated with GHG emissions.

• A transparency tool that will, according to Puma, "enable us to make better, more informed business decisions that take account of environmental impacts as well as more traditional financial and operational considerations."

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