5 Management Principles to Modernize Cars, Buildings & the Grid

Industry is radically reframing how it can increase productivity and improve the efficiency and stability of our vehicles, buildings, and electric grids. Cities, campuses, and corporations need to manage energy use more actively and in a more connected way. The first step in navigating the opportunities -- for both buyers and sellers of products and services -- is to start from within.

This report, created by PwC in partnership with GreenBiz Group, looks at the possibilities for lower costs, lower carbon and expanded busines in this connected future, including:

• Analyzing energy use for pricing and sourcing options with the lowest cost and the least environmental damage;
• Identifying which facilities should produce their own energy supply or manage their own water use;
• Tailoring logistics and fleet management to match the needs of each type of route and geographic region; and
• Examining use of office space, fleets, and other assets to eliminate waste and maximize utilization                          

GreenBiz and PwC hosted a free one-hour webcast to discuss the report, with special guests Mark Vachon from GE, Mary Beth Stanek from GM, and Don Reed from PwC on Wednesday, April 25 at 12:30 Eastern. To view the archive, register here