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Every day in America, we waste 3 times more food than there are mouths to feed. It is not a lack of food that's the issue, rather an ineffective distribution of that food. Hunger is not a scarcity problem — it's a logistics problem. For the first time ever, we can effectively donate prepared and highly perishable food to those who need it when they need it most. Copia’s technology allows businesses to request pickups of their surplus food. Copia’s platform then dispatches a driver to pick up the donation and deliver it to a nonprofit in need. Businesses that partner with Copia benefit from significant tax savings; robust waste tracking analytics to help reduce future waste; and marketing materials to share environmental and community impact with employees and stakeholders. Copia has diverted more than 1 million pounds of edible food from landfills and distributed over $9M worth of food to local nonprofits. We’re on our way to feeding over 2 million people with great food that would have otherwise been wasted!