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For over 25 years, The Furniture X-Change (TFX) has maintained its position as an industry leader in sustainable furniture asset management within the commercial office sector. Our expertise spans three essential pillars:

  1. Commercial Decommissioning and Liquidations: TFX specializes in the professional decommissioning and liquidation of commercial spaces. We ensure a seamless process from the initial development of decommissioning plans to the environmentally optimal reallocation of assets that no longer serve a purpose in your ongoing office installations.
  2. In-House Refurbishment and Re-Manufacturing: Our dedicated team excels in the in-house refurbishment and re-manufacturing of furniture. This approach extends the useful life of furniture items, contributing to the circular economy and promoting sustainability.
  3. Solutions for Furniture Reuse and Reallocation: TFX offers comprehensive solutions for the reuse and reallocation of office furniture. This includes installations in your managed facilities, resale, and charitable donations. We work closely with all stakeholders, from facility managers to real estate teams, ensuring a turnkey sustainable solution for corporate office furniture asset management.

Our full-service team is committed to managing projects through every stage, from space design for a new facility to final occupancy. We align our efforts with your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, while at the same time achieving the reliable on-time/on-budget priorities of your CFO. TFX has been a reliable and pragmatic partner, leading the industry in sustainable practices and social responsibility since our inception. We were "green" before "green" ever equated to "sustainable", consistently supporting our clients in navigating the complexities of office asset management.